Anne has a high eye for beauty. She is the queen of pulling the gold out of people. And she has her very own festival called Burning Anne. 

If you had the world’s full attention for a second what would you say?
It’s a waste of time to care what other people think of you. Choose to believe that people only think the best of you at all times and you will have tremendous relief from worry and anxiety. You’ll have more mind space for dreaming and creating and for PEACE 💛

How would you describe your style?
I think through every piece before it’s placed in my closet. Hippy-like, tomboy, but sooooo down to get dressed up for an event like church or a wedding

Practical, lots of overalls, jumpsuits and pieces that make me feel like a million bucks, can’t live without my doc martens in the winter. I like to feel beautiful.

I really value how I am represented to the world. It doesn’t define me but I’d like it to represent who I am well. I value how respectful a piece of clothing can be. For instance, if you show up to a date with sweats on, I’m offended because I put a lot of effort into my clothes for that date to show that I care

Anne • @annetepaske
Anne’s festival • @burninganne