Get yourself a cup of tea. And scroll through the list I have made you of all my favourite books. Just imagine yourself swirling through a palace with gorgeous tall windows with the swooping sunlight bursting in, while your fingers go over the back of rows of books in this big endless mahony bookcase sea. Till your fingers stop and you grab the book, open it on the first page. And let it change your life, or well just your thoughts you have on certain things for a bit. There is something magical about simple words written on a page. A human being putting so much intent to let them be out there, just for you, like a little love letter on every page. They knew someday a human being would find it. And treasure their treasure. Here are some of the treasures I cherish. Maybe you find something for your collection. Maybe you find something that will change your life. And one day maybe you will pick up a book I’ve written. And even maybe you will write one too.

if you could let everyone read ten books of the books you've read which books you'd share
Feel the Fear and do it Anyway by Susan Jeffers
Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod
Virgin Monologues by Carrie Lloyd
the Shack by Paul Young
the Inn of Tranquility by John G
the Fault in Our Stars by John Green