How would you describe your fashion style and how did you create it?

To be honest, I don’t really know what my fashion style is. I just know the way I dress feels the most like me. And that’s how I think it should be for everyone. I think the way we choose to express ourselves outwardly is a direct representation of who we are internally. I’m really passionate about inspiring people to fully embrace and express themselves and to be confident and bold in going after their God-given dreams. And I know the greatest way I can inspire people into that as an artist is to model it myself. I dress the way I do every day because it feels like one of the most authentic ways to embrace and express who I am as a person and artist. And my look just typically happens to fall into what I would call a colorful, badass, 80’s, rocker vibe. Not because I intentionally created that style. It just sort of happened as a result of me embracing and expressing myself more and more.

What influence has your music had on your style?

My fashion style is definitely a direct, outward expression of who I am as an artist, songwriter, and musician. The music I write and create is very influenced by old-school styles of music, but as a music producer, I love experimenting with what it could sound like to put a modern spin on those styles. I love old-school rock n’ roll, blues rock, classic rock, funk, and 80’s dance. I love taking sounds from those legendary genres and combining them with modern pop, EDM, and trap sounds. And that’s the way my fashion style is. It’s an old-school look with a modern twist.

How do you piece and outfit together in the morning?

I am pretty meticulous when it comes to piecing an outfit together in the morning. I can’t stand wearing outfits that aren’t color-coordinated. I color-coordinate all of my outfits, even when it comes to the accessories I wear like glasses, bandanas, and suspenders.

I have a lot of rocker tees, so I usually pick one of those first and then choose which pants to wear depending on the colors that are in the t-shirt. All of the pants I have were ordered online because I typically can’t find the type of pants I want to wear in any physical stores. I have pinstriped pants, 80’s track pants, 90’s color-blocked pants, checkered pants, and pants with racing stripes on the sides.

After I pick which pants I want to wear, I’ll choose socks and shoes that have similar colors and accent the colors that are in the shirt or pants. All of my shoes were also ordered online for the same reason. I have checkered shoes, converse, multi-colored sneakers, Doc Martin’s, tie dyed Vans, and sneakers with lightning bolts on the sides.

After I choose a pair of shoes, I’ll decide if I want to wear suspenders and a bandana with it or if I want to go for more of grunge look. I pick which jacket to where based off of that. I get all of my jackets at thrift stores or online. I wear old-school, colorful blazers, 80’s track jackets, and leather spiked jackets.

I choose glasses last. I have 15 pairs of glasses: several John Lennon style, a few Viper Pit 80’s style, a couple aviator style, and some solid black and brown frames. It might sound like I have a lot of clothes but I actually don’t. I’m actually a pretty minimalistic person. All of my clothes fit on one rack and can be interchanged to create multiple outfits. I don’t keep anything I don’t absolutely love and I think that’s really important for someone who creates all the time.

The environments you create need to inspire you to create. My room and music studio are only filled with things that I love and that inspire me and because of that, I constantly feel inspired to create. And my clothes were not expensive either. Almost everything I have was purchased on Amazon or at thrift stores.

What outfit makes you feel on top of the world?

My favorite outfit right now is probably the one I wore for the artwork for my recent single “Breaking My Brain” that I produced and co-wrote with my friend Matt Giella. It’s an 80’s, new retro, synth-wave song. I wore 80’s track pants, a multi-colored MTV shirt, and Viper Pit styled glasses I found on Amazon, yellow smiley face sock and multi-colored sneakers I found on Wish, and an 80’s track jacket I found on Etsy. It’s super comfortable to wear, extremely color-coordinated, and really unique looking. It definitely feels like I’m wearing a banger outfit that is authentic to me and is unlike anything anyone else is wearing when I’m walking around in it.

What fashion advice would you give us?

The biggest piece of advice I can give is to be 100% authentic to who you are when it comes to the way you dress. I used to wear what felt like the trend or what I felt like would please other people, not what felt the most like me. I used to care so much about what people thought about me until I realized I was constantly rejecting myself because of it. I finally hit this point where I decided loving myself was more important to me than what people thought about me. I used to choose my outfits based on what I thought would please people. Now I choose my outfits as an act of loving and embracing myself for who I really am – the way God created me.

Picking out outfits now feels like I’m not only choosing to love myself but I’m choosing to glorify God by embracing myself the way He created me. As an artist, songwriter, musician, and music producer, my music best represents me by simply being what I created it to be. So I’m a big believer that one of the greatest ways we can love ourselves and glorify God to embrace ourselves and be who He created us to be.

Kayla Nichols is an artist, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer. She loves putting a modern twist on iconic, old-school sounds. Her passion is to inspire people to be authentic, to dream big, and to take risks in going after their dreams.

Instagram: @kaylanicholsmusic
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