How did you find/create your fashion style?
I seem to change my style with my hairstyle & colour. When I had bright hair, I wore so many bright colours. When I had a pixie endogenous shaved head look, I wore only black. At the moment I am loving that boho chic/ rock ’n roll vibe. Dressing up is almost a form of self-love for me and makes me feel empowered.

How do you piece an outfit together for the day?
I honestly go with whatever mood I am in. After all, it is self-expression whether it be glam and confident to a lazy lounge. I do love my hats, they always add a little Kimmy touch and make me feel like I can take on anything.

What fashion advice would you give others?
Don’t save that outfit for an occasion. TODAY is the day, why are you waiting?

What outfit makes you feel on top of the world?
Any outfit with some power platforms, a fedora hat and some red lippy 😘

What fashion advice would you give younger you?
If you are worried thinking everyone is looking at you, own that. It is not a bad thing…

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