As we find ourselves broken and bruised, 

oh Father of Lights, father us.


Oh, to be courageous! Seeking to love each other. 

To fight for community and familyhood. 

To not get sucked up by the rhythm of this world. 


May intimacy with our Father and God – 

through dangerous adventures and experiencing our weaknesses – 

uplift us, continuously unraveling to us true beauty and hope. 

While wild whispers of love soften our hearts.


Oh, to be rooted in His love in confidence! Yet, we only know God in such a unique and special way, that both you and me meet His true character in secret – in the hidden places of our being, where it is just our heart and His. As God embraces you, there is a story only you get to unfold. 


Therefore you are purposed to be an expression of God’s character and love and heart. You have been given a voice.


Dare yourself to use your voice and be heard.


True beauty is found in brokeness –

For a great deal of my life, I have worried about what others think of me. To be quite honest, it is still a struggle to let go of that approval. In the area of fashion and appearance, I feared to stand out – to be found different.

In time though, friendship with the Holy Spirit made me see that – I am different. And what joy lays hidden in that truth; that we differ and carry all a unique kind of beauty. I learned to let my hair wave and dance in its brilliant, untamable wildness. I learned that a piece of lace, a certain colour or fabric – it all speaks to my imagination and has the ability to lighten me up, even radiating joy on those around me.

I hope clothing may bless you by providing you with a way to express yourself. A voice to honour and appreciate your features in the specific way that God created you to be. A way to be confident about your beauty and radiate such joy to the ones around you.

– Kyra • @kyraelisabethartist