8 steps to unlock your beauty

8 steps to unlock your beauty

1. Know who you are Do you know who you are? That gorgeous lovely being. Do you know what she likes? How she is wired? Spend some time with yourself. Do some personality test to unravel some things about yourself. (Enneagram, Myers Briggs) You are the crown upon creation. God sang you into existence just like he wanted you to be. With your gorgeous face. The way your thoughts flow. The way your voice dances on the rhythm of life. 

2. Find Your Style Don’t go chasing every fashion trend. They don’t fit YOU a lot of times. They aren’t made for your body type most of the time. Find YOUR style. This one takes courage though. Cause you need to step out of your comfort zone. If you are anything like me you have an extra closet well figuratively speaking of course I wish I could sneak in an extra closet, well maybe three of them, for the amazing gorgeous pieces you secretly hide in your closet and never wear simply cause you don’t have an opportunity for them. Well darling, every day is a great opportunity. If you like chic very classy clothes and live in the middle of the deep countryside like me go wear that thaaaang. Embrace the staring faces, bet you are giving courage and permission to other people to wear what they love.

3. Take Care of Yourself Leave the junk and truly invest in yourself. Nurture your body. Live from your spirit. Get in touch with the mysteries of your soul. Take care of yourself as a whole. You are so worth it to take care of in the best possible way. No longer hide yourself. False humility is a thing too. Take responsibility for yourself. You are the only one that can do that. And that privilege is giving to you. 

4. Nurture Your Body Embrace your gorgeous body type. It is the gorgeous way God carved you out. However obesity is not nurturing your body, but stressing it out. However underweight is not nurturing your body, but starving it out. Nurture your body with wholesome clean real foods. No to those sugars inflaming your body. No to that grease clogging your body. Feast on things God created to cook with. They cleanse and nurture you from the inside out. Enriching your strength. Enriching your skin. 

5. Live from the Spirit Be in tune with your innermost being. The inner dwelling place. In the world, you won’t find your answers. But in the inner parts of your spirit, you will find there is more. That place so in tune with His voice. Where you have relationship and two-way conversations. All cause Jesus died and rose and opened the gate for me. From that place I live. Wilder and more gorgeous than ever before. In the secret place He loves me, guides me, challenges me, and takes me to a higher level. 

6. Get in Touch with the Mysteries of your Soul Those feelings tormenting you aren’t yours. They are a guide what is in your thoughts or some spirits bothering you trying to put on some lies on you. Send them away in the name of Jesus or scratch the surface of your thoughts. What am I believing? Kill lies with some truth. And take actions upon the gracious guides. Cry your heart out. It is healing to your body. Keeping them in can rash your skin and stress your body into despair. Laugh out loud, it destresses your body and releases so much goodness into the atmosphere. Oh, a little smile can put someone’s life completely around. 

7. Love The answer to all is LOVE. The very essence of life is love. The very essence of beauty is love. Loving people are so stunning. It is the softness and twinkle yet a loving fire in their eyes. Like a blanket, it radiates all over their skin. It takes life to a completely different level. Love God. Love yourself. And love every beautiful and mean soul you meet. 

8. Stop hiding it Stop hiding your skin clogging your pores. Stop hiding your body in those dull clothes. Stop hiding your dreams in those boring chores. Stop hiding your life in those lies. It is time to bring YOU to the table. And embrace what is given. All you need is already in your hand. You just need to explore.

Lots of love,