A Love Story

When I feel loved I feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. In that moment it doesn’t matter if I haven’t put makeup on, if I am wearing my old painting clothes, if my hair is greasy, and my face is looking dull. When I am feeling so loved, I feel so utterly beautiful. Those are the moments when I am in the middle of nature, when I am face to face with God, or when people for example speak my love language.

Being surrounded in nature by so much beauty. In the simple and in the middle of paradise, which I might have had a long hike towards to. That moment so in awe of beauty. Feeling so in love with it. Nature is a love letter. In the presence of beauty, I feel my beauty reflecting and arising to the surface. When I am in the presence of God I feel the same. And I feel so so beautiful. My skin lighting up and my eyes piercing through the dark. 

Beauty calls out the beauty in us. Being surrounded by beauty draws our beauty out. Go to beautiful places. Make places beautiful. The making of beauty comes along with pressure. I mean look at diamonds. Or pearls. They are made of pressure and irritation. So the pressures and irritations in life are the points we have access to, to turn into beauty. They might feel like they draw the ugly out in us, yet if we choose right it can create utter beauty. Let’s draw out the ugly actually, so we can be filled with beauty. Surrounding ourselves by beauty sets up the standard of beauty, and makes us choose life. Surround yourself by life. 

The force behind it all is love. Chasing beauty sparkled by fear will only point you to pretty cover-ups, yet beauty chased down by love, for the world, for people, for yourself fires you into real beauty. It fires us into purpose, it fires us into confidence, it fires us into creativity. It fires us into life. Beauty exists when love exists. So choose love. Which will lead you to beauty. If you want a rad style, choose for the things you love. If you want to look gorgeous, clothes yourself with love. With your love for creativity. With your love for bright colours. With your love for fabrics. With your love for your body. With your love for fashion. 

Surround yourself with people you love. They draw the beauty out in you. They tell you things you don’t see. They tell you truth when you forgot about it. They are right there, when everything seems to fall apart. Surround yourself with places you love. Make time to wander in nature. Visit the gorgeous architecture in cities. Or musea. Or stare at the water. Make time for beauty. Make time for love. Love hard. Love always. And don’t forget to wear those pieces you love the most! Clothe yourself in love each morning, love! A love for yourself, for others and for the clothes you are wearing! Surround yourself with God.

Lots of love,