The Fear of Aging | Ten Tips to Age Well

The fear of aging | Ten tips to age well

Aren’t you scared of lines in your face? And well all the things that happen to your body when you get older? Aren’t you getting tired of all the anti-ageing campaigns even when they show older gorgeous people that seem only half the truth? As if beauty washes away with the richness of life we gain. As if the older we get the more we are out of the game? But what if beauty comes with the years? What if we get more beautiful with time? What if I tell you that is the truth.

I don’t believe beauty disappears down the years. Even the Bible seems to tell beauty fades, or isn’t she? I went to the old Hebrew scriptures. And from what I can tell she doesn’t say that at all. Instead, she states that you shouldn’t drown in your beauty, getting all obsessed about it, taking pride in it, so you put yourself above others, and lose sight of the main things. Your beauty surpasses all, you are exactly how He made you, so carry it well.

Ten tips on how to age well

1] Battle Marks | Some people are signed with the battle marks of life. Life hit them hard and they didn’t always know how to conquer the pain. How to keep showing up at the battle. Some faces have this hardened look to protect themselves, to keep carrying on. Keep your heart soft love. Keep your love on. Fight with love through the battles. 

2] Nourishment | Nourish your body with real food, nourish your body with real products. Leave all the toxins out of your bod. If those hard to pronounce words all make you tired, imagine your body getting tired of filtering all these things out of your system over and over and over again. Don’t put her through all those unnecessary things. Let your body live. 

3] Stress | Stress is the hardest attribute to your beauty. Stress is living your body, drowning your body, reigning your body, and well that is not her place to be. Stress is inflaming your body, weakening your immune system and making you more prone to diseases. And well she is the one who gives you a saggy body and loves to put all those fine lines all over your face and your neck and your decolloté. Sometimes people get into a hard stressful period in their life, and all of a sudden they get so old and tired out of the battle. Take your periods of rest serious. Take one day a week rest. Take periods in your day for rest. And take unnecessary things out of your life. It is okay to say no, and to choose the things that make you come alive. Especially when life is tough. 

4] Sleeping Beauty | So give your body a rest, and well take your daily hours of sleep. In your sleep, your body heals, and your brain connects your life. Take your beauty naps. Sleep makes you more beautiful. In body and in soul. 

5] Smile | Laughing wrinkles are the best asset in a face. Smile your heart out. Love people. Smiling makes your heart happy. Don’t take everything too serious. Have fun and enjoy yourself. Your smile is irresistible. 

6] Move | Get ya body moving. Dance in fields of flowers. Bike through the rain. Hike to the top of gorgeous mountains. Feel the wind in your hair. Run after children. Get your blood flowing. Go live life. Make time each day for your body to feel alive. Go to the gym, challenge yourself into a bootcamp. Move that gorgeous body. 

7] Pamper Moments | Soothe your body in rich pamper moments. Take your years to set up the ultimate pamper treatment. Have each day a little self-love moment with gorgeous oils and fabulous cremes. Take rich baths. Face masks. Hair masks. Whatever is your jam. Nourish your body. Treat it well. 

8] Love her | Love your body. Don’t be so harsh on her. She takes you everywhere. She makes you into this gorgeous woman. She is your temple. She is the container of a piece of Heaven. Love her. Get to know her. What she likes, and what she doesn’t like. Don’t starve her, don’t drown her in foods, nourish her. Don’t hate her body pieces, embrace her. Clothe her with gems complimenting her, don’t hide her. And don’t hide your beauty. Celebrate it. 

9] Seasons | Be in tune with your seasons. Know your seasons. Embrace your seasons. Each season has it’s own nuggets of beauty. And in the seasons you will discover different sides of your beauty. 

10] God | His reflection on your face has such a divine glow no beauty product can ever give you. Eyes sparkling from His presence are brighter than any ocean. So never stop spending time with God. How? Just ask Him. 

Lots of love,