Are you wearing plastic?

Are you wearing plastic?

There is a big chance you are wearing plastic RIGHT NOW! Shocking right?! Legit I freaked out when I learned that all synthetic fabrics are made from the same source as plastic. And that is why nowadays it’s a trend that clothing brands recycle plastic into fabric, cause they have thaa same DNA. Very sustainable you might think, well…

👗 every time you wash polyester, fleece, nylon you name it, microplastics shed into the water system, yikes.
Synthetic fabrics are polyester, fleece, nylon, viscose, and many more. Their key ingredient is petroleum which is also a key ingredient for a lot of beauty products, as well as antifreeze, styrofoam, and well plastic. Washing these synthetic fabrics means that every time you put your garment into the washing machine millions of little pieces of plastic too tiny to be seen by your eye go off into the water system. These little pieces will never break down. 
Which means fish will eat them, humans will get them into their system, and they will have a big lasting impact onto nature. Fleece is the most harmful of these synthetic fabrics leaking plastics. You can buy filters to prevent the microplastics to go into nature. Or you can just not buy these fabrics anymore, cause …

👗 these microplastics are toxic to your skin
These microplastics don’t only shed into the water, they also rub against your skin while wearing. Plastic is known to mess with your hormones. And your hormones regulate everything in your body. You better not mess with them. Hormones control your mood. Hormones regulate your energy. Hormones regulate your immune system. Hormones tell each part of your body what work to do, when to do it, and for how long. Irregulating that can have severe harmful impacts. From not being able to have children, to illnesses we are very prone to in our rich countries, cause we have a tendency to pollute ourselves with the things we wear, the things we eat, and the products we put on ourselves. Opting for more natural products is easier for our body to live with, they can nourish and enrich our body, instead of weakening it. 

👗 synthetic fabrics mess up your energy field
👗 they most of the time are less breathable

So what can you do about it?
👠 Stop buying synthetic fabrics but instead opt for natural fabrics; cotton, wool, silk, linen, cashmere. 
👠 Don’t buy clothes recycled from plastic, as much as they are labelled with how sustainable they are. 
👠 If you do wash synthetic fabrics opt for a microplastics filter for your washing machine or a guppyfriend washing bag. 
👠 Tell a friend about synthetic fabrics being plastics. 

Lots of love,