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Doesn’t plastic look SO cheap?! Somewhere we lost the essence of real living. Of having the wind blowing through our hair, our eyes bursting of adventure, and strengthening ourselves and all around us. Yeah I am all about the zero waste, zero bullshit, let’s nourish this world ethic. I dream of chic palace gardens full permaculture nourishing the world and our bellies. And of no nonsense lifestyles that aren’t playing small in treating ourselves, others and the gorgeous world around us.

I am all about the holistic approach in life. Body, spirit, soul. Not shying away for the big picture. Getting in tune with our hearts. Getting in tune with each other. Bringing all of us to the table. The nitty and the gritty. The ugly and the beauty. The wild and the holy. All of it. Let’s be human. 

About Me

I am Therèsa. A girl with her head constantly in the clouds, bursting of new ideas. I live in the lush greens of Frisia, the Netherlands. Simply all I ever do is write my story. 



Thousands of thoughts flash wildy back and forth in just a second through my mind. Sometimes I try to catch them. Into the endless articles I publish online. Or the songs I write in complete secrecy. Or I paint them. Or I research them a little more and more. Or I pretend I am the author of a book. They are too loud to ignore. Too valuable to not share. And honestly I am just too stubborn to give up on them. We should never give up on OUR story.


Photography 70%
Designing magazines 78%
Writing 80%
Painting 75%
Ideas constantly popping up in my head 100%
Creating things out of nothing 100%
Making songs 80%



Let’s talk FASHION

Wild Hearts

Let’s talk HEARTS

Secret Garden

Let’s talk ZERO WASTE


HARDEST QUESTION EVER. I do so many many things, yet I don’t have a fancy title for it. Simply put, I am writing MY story and chasing after MY heart.

Because I am a clear mystery, some people utter who are you upon meeting me, and that is one of a tough question right there. I am an INFP on the Meyers-Brigss test, the most complex of all identities, yeah try being me for a day. Which means I have a bit of ALL personalities inside of me, not in a split end kind of way, in a rich a bit of everything kind of way, so no one really understands you, but you are a deep well of endless stories kind of way. You for sure won’t ever meet anyone like me. Even though people most likely very underestimate me upon meeting me, cause I am a quiet voice, but with a really wild heart.

Dream abundantly. Love fiercely and always. The answer to everything is love. Never run away from your own heart. Don’t neglect your feelings. Stop playing small. Eat healthy for real. Wear your most gorgeous clothes every day. Chase down your dreams. Never settle on anything. Invest instead of spending. Leave people better than you found them. Be intentional. Freedom is a consequence of GOOD choices, if you don’t choose you aren’t free. Stay in touch with your inner child. Rest one day a week, period. Every single day of life is an adventure, so you better go live it! 

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What is YOUR dream? You can read mine underneath. I dare you to send me your dreams you haven’t told anyone about. 

Our story

About the dream

You know I dream of a big building covered in marble, with a royal palace garden filled with the rich fragrance of healing herbs, and enchanting flowers, of nourishing greens.

I dream of white flowy garments and bombass statement pieces dangling around endless rows of clothing racks. I dream of statures presenting the latest, and endless glass jars of clean beauty. 

I dream of rows and rows of books in Chestnut bookcases lining all the pieces of walls that aren’t covered in windows with the magical sunlight bursting on the royal like couches filled with human beings sipping their teas away while covered in deep end stories on how they want to enrich the world with their special flavor. 

I dream of all that in one building. The castle is my home, the place where I belong. The roses have my name on them.