Glam Up - Getting back into your gorgeous self

We all go through the motions when life hits us, and we just let ourselves and our bodies wander for a bit, giving it not so much attention, to realise we have neglected ourselves. We look in the mirror and see, we don’t look our bombass self. It is time for a little glam time, gather all your babes, or have your sacred alone time. Let’s get back to taking care of ourselves and looking our bomb self. Here is a little self-love glam up routine.

1. A hot bath. Start your little self-love glam up with a hot bath. Pour in all relaxing nourishing oils. Cleaning your pores, leaving your skin so soft, and your soul so relaxed. I adore that this is so calming to my mind, all my thoughts realign. And I adore to have a little chat with God. My skin feeling so soft makes me feel soooo gorgeous. 

Make sure you lit some candles. Get your favorite bath fizzers. Get yourself a wine glass with your favorite drink, I mean even if that is milk please pour it in a wine glass and fancy things up à la Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. And chocolate. Let’s have chocolate. 

2. Pamper momentsss. When your body, mind and spirit are all relaxed, thank you bath time, cause we work from rest, we don’t rest from work. It is time for some action. It is time for manicures and pedicuresss. Get your paws out and let’s get those nails pretty. Cut, file and colour those nails. I don’t know about you, but seeing my pretty nails throughout the day makes me happy. And man nail art, let’s get creative! 

When your paws are ready, let’s get those manes out. When you think of yourself, which hair colour is the one you think of? What is so YOU. Take a risk. Go wild. Book an appointment, get those roots fixed. Or even a whole new cut. Let’s freshen things up. Get all over pinterest for some cute inspo that fits with your hair type. For all my curly girls, did you know every curly head has its own type of curls with its own specialities and hair care regimen? Let’s go on a little hair journey, and get creative with your hair do’s as well. And don’t forget your brows love, show them some love. 

3. Get your glam out. Get into your creativity again. Dress yourself with love in the morning again. For yourself, for the people you meet. Dress in your most gorgeous outfits. Put bright lipstick on. You are not pretending to be someone else. This is you babe, stop hiding your beauty and your creativity. You are meant to be seen. Bring you to the table. If that means bringing your love for hats to the table, wear them. If that means bringing your love for bold colours to the table, put them on. You are too glamourous not to!

Lots of love,