Childlike Dress Up

Let’s dress up like we did as a kid

Let’s take some pressure of your fashion game and go back to the fun we had when dressing up as kids. Having this big old travel trunk or rustic wooden box full of extravagant outfits. It didn’t really matter if the clothes matched. All that mattered was your smiling face and what character you wanted to play.

You weren’t pretending. You were unleashing a part of you that intrigued you. And there you flowed. Being so you. Feeling bold in your outfit. Throwing a deep fit and convincing the people around you that that princess dress or full armour cowboy was a must to wear to the supermarket.

What if every single day we would go back to the dress-up trunk and put on the outfit for the character we wanted to be that day. A girl doesn’t play princess, she believes she is a princess. A kid doesn’t play cowboy, he believes he is the cowboy. You are that person, so dress like that person, just as you did as a little kid.

If today you want to pull your badass woman out of your dress up trunk, do it. You aren’t pretending, you are a badass gal and you should dress badass. If today you want to pull out your chic suit, do it. You aren’t pretending, you are the sophisticated bloke.

Don’t worry about your daily style you have going on. One day you can dress totally classy and the other day totally street style. There ain’t no rules. Only the style that intrigues you today. Pull YOU to the table, the version of you that you need today. And have fun. So much fun.

Lots of love,