Sculpting your body

You got yourself one gorgeous body and it is up to you how to sculpt it, how to love it, and how to invest in it. 

So recently I started working out again. When I was a kid I believed I sucked at anything sportive. Simply cause most girls in my class played gymnastics or acro on a national level, and well I trained for nothing ever, so of course in comparison to them I sucked, but not in the way I thought.

When I was a teen and very very skinny, people always told me I didn’t have to work out cause I already had the body. And I seriously thought at that point working out was for peeps who wanted to lose weight. And I couldn’t afford to lose weight.

Then I camped with having reserved energy and well I thought that anything sportive would suck the last part of any energy out of me. I do think me being sensitive to my surroundings, being a big introvert plus never giving my brain a break played a big role in this, as well as some food sensitivities. 

Lately I’ve made a clean slate. I want a strong healthy body period. And I want to look gorgeous. Yes you heared that right, I want my body to be more beautiful. To be more toned. And there is no shame in that. I don’t want to change my body because I hate it. I want to change my body because I love her. There is more potential inside of her. I love her too much to leave her like this, even though she is actually gorgeous. I want to invest in her. I want to strengthen her. I want her to thrive. She is the embodiment of all our passions and dreams. 

Food plays a big part in a thriving body. Some say it is 80% of the game, working out 20%. But the numbers don’t really matter. Nourishing your body through rich foods and moving your body well, throughout the day is key.

You have ‘three’ types of bods. The ecto-, endo- and mesomorph. The skinny long limb person, the muscled human, and the one who is prone to store a lot of fat. And you have all the different gorgeous body types. Just like the personality tests that teach you a lot on how your person operates and works. In the same way, there is a lot of your body to learn. Like the different types of foods your body thrives on. The way your body is shaped. The way it is build up. The way it likes to be moved. Spend a little time with your body. Don’t be so harsh on her. Get to know her. Welcome her into your daily life.

5 ways to let your body thrive

⚡ go eat healthy, leave the shitty foods behind, find out which foods give you energy and find out what foods take your energy. Gluten, for instance, takes my energy instead of giving me energy cause my bod is not great at digesting it, so I need to be careful with eating it too much in a day or it will make me feel sluggish. And sluggish doesn’t make you feel beautiful and on top of your game at all. 

⚡ get your body moving, I work a lot behind my laptop and well I barely have to move an inch to do my work, but my bod needs it blood pumped, it needs to dance, it needs to be simply moved. Move that bod, peeps. Do a little dance in the kitchen, go on a little stroll in the neighbourhood, do a little (home) workout. Don’t make it complicated, just do something fun.   

⚡ get your body stronger, strength means repeating over and over to be in action. Action makes you stronger. Get in action. Show up. And take step by step. Pushing your body a little further. It’s a process. Just like life. Down the years your imput will work off. And oldie you will thank you massively. 

⚡ get your body gorgeous. You know what areas of your body you need to love more. Sure you might want to gain/lose weight. And go sculpt the parts you want to be more toned. Don’t try to get the body of someone else. Get to know your body and make it gorgeously yours. Don’t neglect it. Invest in it. Cherish it. Love it. Work on it. Make your body sooo you. 

⚡ love your body. 

Lots of love,