The Meaning of Beauty

The Meaning of Beauty

To allow yourself to be beautiful is to celebrate your being.
To allow yourself to be beautiful is to dare to stand in your full potential.
To allow yourself to be beautiful is to dare to let love reign.

Beauty is vulnerable and comes with pressure. That might feel like breaking the barrier sometimes, bringing all to the table and shedding down lies thrown at us. Not everyone is so content with our beauty, our full potential, our gorgeous being, simply of the fear played out in their own lives. Beauty is love displayed. In the quest of beauty, fear doesn’t play a part of the story. 

A lot of people claim it is all about beauty on the inside, our outer appearance doesn’t matter. But our wealth flows through in our outer appearance. If beauty is overflowing on the inside it is only natural it overflows on the outside. Beauty is a part of your identity, of the way you are designed. Beauty is in your being. Do I dare to be beautiful and let it be seen? Do I dare to stand in my identity? Do I dare to let love in? The search of daring to be beautiful goes hand in hand with the search to be all of you and the adventure of standing in your full potential. 

Beauty displayed is Gods love radiating on your face. In loving yourself, in loving others. The way to love God, love others and loving ourselves is all agape love. Which is the same love as, God is love. What if beauty is not the display of the vulnerable brainless girl? What if beauty is not the symbol of seduction? What if beauty is not this shallow empty shell? What if beauty is not the marketing stunt to get the big money? What if beauty is armouring yourself with love, agapé love, armouring yourself with God?

Beauty is you radiating who you really are, 
Beauty is standing in your full potential.
Beauty is your armour of love.

Above all dress in love. Beauty is not an empty shield, all along it was our armour of protection. All along it was us covered in God. Too afraid to put our beauty on, while it is our armour of love. Beauty is our armour of God. Beauty is the way we fight.

You are a royal warrior,

Lots of love,