Trends, Trends, Trends

From the girl that wore big fur coats from the thrift store when both were not a trend while she drove around the countryside on a baby blue grandma bike while all the others were black and decided to get rid of it when others started to get blue bikes as well. Yes, that girl that hated trends. That girl that would refuse to wear a t-shirt period if she had seen someone else with that same item. The girl that would get so damn frustrated when her style was not in trend cause the stores wouldn’t sell anything that she would actually want to buy. Yeah, that girl is not going to tell you about the latest trends, about what is totally hot and what you NEED to wear. No, I am all about finding YOUR own style. But I will tell you a thing or two about trends. 

Trends once started by the designs on the runway. But street style and social media take over the runways. The bold ones dare to wear this type of different, either copied by the runways or their fave influencer. These trendsetters get copied by other influencers which get copied by a wider spectrum. Stores catch up by the trends and buy in their own ripped off version that design. If you change just a tiny tiny thing of the design of someone else, you are good to go, no one can do you a thing as a manufacturer. I guess why people have a love for designers clothes is, is that this piece of clothing is thought up with intention, and is not just made exactly like someone else’s design just to make some quick money and you can see that in the quality and the design. So in the end everyone starts wearing this trend, and honestly it is also the only thing the shops are selling now. Which gets into a cycle of when you don’t buy the trends, you aren’t part of the social group anymore you want to be a part of. You want to fit in. So everyone decides to wear the same kind of things. Everyone cuts the same kind of bangs. Everyone wears the same colour scheme. And this whole group of people looks exactly the same. 

I once bought a pair of pants when holes were not really a thing yet, but clothing stores were already selling them. So I decided to wear these jeans with at least 16 holes, when people didn’t wear even one hole in their jeans yet. Let’s say as a teen I just bought what I thought was pretty and I didn’t think a second on what other people thought. I really shocked my parents and they settled on only paying for half of it, cause in their words the other half of the jeans was missing, which I thought was a good deal. I looked bomb and peeps complimented me, and well the others just shut up, except for this really little girl saying to her mom in complete confusion, mommy her pants is broken, and I laughed. 

Trends are made for the mass of people. Highly made with a size zero or just a particular size in mind. Trends aren’t adapted to body types, body sizes, your preferences. No trends are made to sell a huge amount of clothes in a short time period. If trends fit YOUR style, go for it. Get creative with them. But baby, don’t settle on trends. The danger with trends is the most beautiful girls wearing it with the most beautiful bodies and still making me cringe, cause the trend is not suiting their body at all. Their body is not flawed. The trend is flawed. And making their body look flawed while their bodies are gorgeous. Seriously girl, your body deserves something more. This is not telling you your body isn’t suitable for trends. It is not telling you to stick in the box of people telling you what fits your body type. It is the course of you really giving your body what is showing your body off. A style which is showing you off. Girl, show your beauty love. Not some boring trends. 

Seriously I admire my fashion sense in high school. I would wear the biggest jewellery. From 15 pearl armbands on one arm, which is not highly recommended in summer, cause yes half of my underarm didn’t tan with the rest of my arm. To this obnoxious big ring with a stone as big as a quarter of my hand. And I was just enjoying my fashion sense. And people would just let me do my thing, people actually wouldn’t say anything bad about it. Yeah, read that again. People wouldn’t actually say anything about it. Sure they would compliment, but the amounts of trash talk on my outfits I can count on one hand I think. So wear YOU. Wear all those cute things. Wear what sparks you in the morning. And I must say I lost a little of her boldness along the way, in my search of a more sustainable and toxin-free life I lost a little of the creativity and the newness of outfits. We’ll talk more fast fashion and slow fashion soon. And together this year we’ll explore how to dress so YOU. Cause I miss her, don’t you?! 

Don’t die a copy cat love. Wear your style. Get inspired by everyone and everything. But in the end, wear your style. And wear your dream. Don’t copy the lives of everyone around. Let’s get intentional, and let’s get crazy. It is time to bloom, love.

Lots of love,